Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Passion Project ~ 4 His Temple

Hi all

Been a long time. I know. With God's guidance I am starting a new passion project. Here is the opening email. If you want to get on the distribution list, please email me @ The "Dear Aqua" as you will read is a place for sending ALL temple related questions. Your body is a temple of the living God. For now I am combining the blogs, we will see how God evolves this project. the spirit of this blog...Can We Talk?

God day Conquerors!

Welcome to 4 His Temple! Thanks for signing up for this email group. Please feel free to forward this to anyone that you know who wants support and encouragement for feeding their temple. Some of you did not sign up, but I just wanted to inform you of this new passion project and invite you to participate. If you reply with your request to be added to the email group, I will add you to the distribution list.

A little background...I have been informally encouraging people to start eating and living healthier lives to the glory and honor of God through diet and exercise. I got started in 2009 because I was overweight and unhealthy really with no plan to change. Until I stepped on the scale...Ouch! What a reality check! I decided that I would get myself in shape and get my swagga back...ha! Ya feel me?! Seriously, not just that, but how much more could God use me (you, us) if I (we) were healthy and fit? I knew that I could not do it without God's instruction, guidance, and support. We will talk more about that part of the journey as we grow. I just want you to know that you need Jesus if anything I share with you and that you share with one another is going to make any sense. In order for us to be successful on this journey we need a new way of thinking about how we treat our temples. We have to change the way think before we change the way we live. Agreed?

I am just starting with the email, because I felt of sense of urgency in my spirit to get this message out there. We will develop later with how to vblogs, in house clinics for fellowship and support talking about everything we feed our temples including the Word of God. Haha! I told you already that we need Jesus. Did you think we were not going to crack open the Word to accomplish success on this journey? My hope is that we build an online community that translates to real life support and encouragement for those looking to incorporate healthy eating and fitness into their everyday lives.

I don't have all the answers and I don't have a magic bullet, fairy dust or anything that can turn this into a quick fix journey. You may not be able to use everything that I share because it does not fit into YOUR lifestyle. However, your commitment is necessary to look for ways to tweak the information to change your own life and impact the lives of those you love by pulling from what I share and what is shared here by others.

Are you eating well? Do you exercise? Have you surrendered your life to Christ? All of it? Even the part that loves to lie around doing nothing for hours on end? Whew! OK, confession is good for the soul. Let's move on!

So what do YOU do? For now, reply this message to be added to the group. If you are on twitter follow me Favored1Aqua and search for the hashtag #4HisTemple. Send your questions (all things temple related) to this email address We are going to talk about food, exercise, the Word of God, loving the body you have right now and more all in the context of living a life that pleases God. 4 His Temple is your place to be inspired, encouraged, supported, and loved and to give the same as God guides.

What do I do? Send encouragement, support and information about getting started to staying motivated. I'll take your ideas for building and supporting this community. Remember this is YOUR PLACE. I'll share your health and fitness tips, recipes, ideas, struggles and successes with the group and I will answer your questions and share them with the community.

Here is our very first question:

Dear Aqua

What is better choice? Turkey and cheese on wheat or tuna on wheat?

Dear Operation...

Always depends on how much you have. When we think about food, quantity is as important as quality. 80% of weight loss and maintenance is what and how much you eat, exercise counts for the other 20%. You cannot use exercise alone to change your body and maintain health. Are you eating half the sandwich? Turkey is probably the best bet if the tuna has mayo. TIP: Only eat half the cheese. You won't miss the other half in terms of taste, but half the fat and calories are eliminated. TIP: Drink a full glass of water before you eat. TIP: Stop eating BEFORE you are full. The signal from your stomach to your brain that says..."I'm full" is delayed. If you keep eating until you really are full you will feel stuffed.

Okay everyone, that's all I have for now. I am excited about this journey. Can't wait to hear your success stories and hear how you in encouraged others to live and eat well 4 His Temple. Until next time.
Your body is the temple of the Living God! Live Well in His Name!

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