Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'll Have the Salad!

God afternoon all!

I hope this week finds you well and walking in the marvelous light of Jesus. No matter where you are right now... at this very moment, He loves you with an undying and unfailing love! His passion for you greatly exceeds anything you can ever imagine. Are you certain of this fact?

This week (hey and it's ONLY Wednesday) I had no less than 5 conversations about salad as a healthy meal choice. My antennas went up when some of those I spoke with told me what they were putting IN and ON their salads. Can We Talk?! Salads can be a healthy choice, but salads can also be very deceptively high in fat and calories if we are not careful as to how we LOAD that salad down. For example, the salad at a local fast food restaurant is 650 calories...OUCH! (No wonder that salad was so good). How is that for healthy eating? Three major factors for keeping a salad healthy (low in fat and calories) are the amount of the salad, the toppings, and the dressing. We wanted to provide you some tips about salads to keep your salad light, healthy, and working for your new lifestyle.

1. Make your own dressings. You control the fat and calories.
2. Having chicken or fish on your salad? Put the chicken or fish on the salad while it is still warm. The greens will start to wilt and less dressing is required.
3. Use pecans or other nuts instead of croutons for texture and crunch. Careful of the amount.
4. Use a light extra virgin olive oil with a dash of lemon pepper seasoning instead of salad dressing.
5. Use less dressing. Add a squeeze of lemon to the salad and use less of your favorite low-fat dressing.
6. Need some variety and need to increase daily fruit servings? Add fresh fruit to your salads.
7. Check out WebMD's tips for healthier summer salads.

If you have tips for healthier salads send them to me or post in the comments section of the blog.

Make your food choices COUNT! LESS is the new MORE. Eat LESS...move MORE!

Your body is the Temple of the Living God! Live Well in Him!

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