Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh! My Aching Muscles!!

God day everyone! I hope that you are enjoying life to the fullest! This is what God desires for us. The response from our first communication was overwhelming. Our community is growing! Please make sure you forward as appropriate. Our first in house clinic is in the works. I’ll be giving away 2 personal training sessions with none other than Minister Ronald Marshall of The One Training, LLC. Check him out here.

We also have a testimony from a community member who is winning the war on diabetes through faith, diet, and exercise. Stay tuned! Take the Diabetes Risk Assessment on this blog page. We have great question today which many of us have dealt with and still deal with if we are keeping our workouts fresh and meaningful. Send questions and sign up to be on the distribution list at

Dear Aqua

Is there anything I can do to help my sore muscles in between exercising/strength training?

Dear Operation…

Check out this great article on WebMD about muscle soreness. The link is provided below. You've heard it said, "no pain, no gain". I don’t advocate punishing our temples for the sake of fitness. But we do have to push our temples past our personal comfort zones to see results. With that said, unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your perspective, soreness goes with the program. I still get sore if I do a new activity that my muscles haven't "seen" before or "seen" in a while. Not real good news, but the good news IS the muscle is being worked (getting stronger) and conditioned! As long as it is only mild to moderate pain you should be okay to keep exercising, resting the muscles when you are not exercising as much as possible. Heat (hot pack or warm bath), ice, and stretching may also offer some relief. Make sure you are stretching before and after the workout routine. You can also take some over the counter pain relief, an anti-inflammatory. Please see recommendations from the article about more severe pain.

Ah, now what would Jesus say (WWJS) about our sore muscles? Our faith is like a muscle. Just as the muscle must be stretched to the limit of it's endurance in order to grow and be strong, so does our faith. God stretches our faith through trials and testing so that we become strong faithful believers. The pain we feel as we go through testing is meant to draw us nearer to God increasing our faith, love, and dependence on Him, that pain is not meant to move us away from Him. (Side note: The pain we feel after exercise will also draw us closer to God too! Haha! I know I called on Him many times when I was trying to climb a flight of stairs when I started working out). The pain we feel when we train our muscles is also not meant to deter us from exercising but to keep us motivated and moving forward, knowing that the benefit and the victory, just like with God’s testing is on the other side.

Don't let those sore muscles deter you, it is natural. You are in training. You are doing a great job! Celebrate the soreness! Your victory is on the other side!

Your body is the temple of the Living God! Live Well in His Name! 


Lady AL said...

Thank you Ms. Aqua. We learn everyday. This information is enlighten, timely, and needed.

Aqua said...

Thanks Al! Glad you found it useful.Come back often we will have in house (homes, parks, restaurants)clinics for fellowship and support. I will also be posting some vblogs