Thursday, March 17, 2011

Exercise and Injury...What Can I Do?

God Day Conquerors!  

Are you staying true to the health, wellness, fitness, and spiritual goals you set at the beginning of 2011? It's Springtime! Many folks have abandoned their new year's resolutions, but not you! It is time for new beginnings. Even if you have fallen off the goals you set, now is the time to start again. Our God is a second, third, fourth....chance God. It is also time to declutter our homes, lives, and minds. What an awesome time to invite the Lord into our hearts and into our lives for some intimate conversation and strategic planning!

I encourage you to give away 10 items in your home during your spring cleaning! You will be relieved and someone else will be blessed. Make sure it is really nice stuff. I got these cool sneakers from a dear friend when she completed her closet spring cleaning. Let us not be consumed by the romance of stuff. We can't take it with us! HEAVEN is already furnished! Praises to God!

Have you submitted your plans to the Lord? Can We Talk?! The Word tells us to give the Lord our plans and we will see those plans come to fruition (Proverbs 16:3). Now that doesn't mean we make the plans and give them to God as the final version. God is not in the business of blessing our mess! That means we submit a VERY ROUGH draft of our plans to God and He has the final say about the execution of those plans. The Message says "Put God in charge of your work, then what you've planned will take place.” Once God is in charge of our plans we can't fail, because He can't fail! Amen?!

Today's question comes from a community member who is out of state. Please pray for “T” in your prayer time. Injury and pain are major limiting factors for exercise for many people. We should always seek the advice of a doctor before starting any exercise regime, particularly when preexisting pain, injury, and health concerns are present.

Dear Aqua

My weight issue is weighing me down. I am so afraid of exercise because of the pain I have every day of my life. I just don't want anymore of it. I have a total knee replacement, bi-lateral bulging disk in L4 and L5 with bone spires and a second rotator cuff surgery that they could not repair all the way. I know that I look at what I cannot do instead of what I can, but what can I really do? God is so able to do above and beyond what we ask or think, I am just tired of asking. Love T

Dear T

There are exercises that you can do. You may have to modify them to make sure that you don't further injure yourself. I am not sure where you are in your rehabilitation process, but some exercise and rehab may help with the pain that you are experiencing. Always check with your doctor about what limitations you should adhere to so that you do not exacerbate your injury. In fact ask the doctor is there a person, place or organization that he/she can recommend that can help. You may be able to walk and may be able to do seated exercises. I heard the other day that "Walking is still the undisputed king of exercise".

Because of your limitations with EXPENDING energy it is going to be important for you to monitor your energy CONSUMPTION. In short, it is going critical for you to monitor WHAT and HOW MUCH you eat. We can give you encouragement and support virtually, but I do recommend that you find some help in your community for nutrition and exercise programs to meet the needs that you have. Call community centers and local churches to see if they offer low to no cost exercise programs. A good program will have a trainer who understands and is able to work with people with injuries.

Don't let your injuries keep you from seeking help. In fact those injuries should be the fuel that cause you to knock on every door and leave no stone unturned. God's desire is not that you live in pain. He wants you to prosper and be in good health, even as your soul prospers. Seek His will for a healthier life and lifestyle. Don't get tired of asking! God is an ever present help in the time of trouble. We will be praying for you. In fact, right now we speak healing and deliverance in your body in the name of Jesus! Stay in touch with us about your progress. 

Your body is the temple of the Living God! Live Well in His Name!
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