Sunday, May 29, 2011

When Darkness Falls God is Still Good and Still God

This past week my brother-in-law of more than 30 years, Nelson was laid to rest after suffering a heart attack. He was on the road to a lifestyle change of healthy eating and exercise, but he was not able to undo years of unhealthy living. This passion project is even more dedicated to helping and supporting believers in their journey of eating and living well to the glory and honor of God. We are desperate and committed to continuing the work of this ministry and to gain ground on the epidemic of obesity and it's health complications.
As a family of believers, we found comfort in knowing that my brother was a believer. Darkness can never overcome the light. We understand that death can have no victory in the lives of believers. Some of you may also be mourning the loss of a loved one. I wanted to share with you something that I wrote for my brother's funeral service. I hope that you find comfort in knowing that death is not final and mourning is a natural process.

God doesn't waste anything. He is able to use everything that we go through to bless us and to bless others through our testimony. We will not allow Nelson's death to be in vain. I pray that it causes some of you to commit to a healthy lifestyle with your whole hearts and I hope that it will jolt some of you into getting started today. Your response and commitment are necessary and the need is urgent. We really cannot afford to wait. Please make a change today, putting this change at the top of your priorities. We can do this with God's guidance, power, and grace.

Thank you and bless you for reading, commenting, and sharing.           

This Time

Visiting death again. Storm raging. Sorrow palpable.

The world's truth we must all pass from This life to This death.

The Kingdom's truth we will live forever in eternity with Him. Comfort.

This time we rest with an unrelenting and unwavering assurance that God is in control. Sovereignty.

This time death and hell can have no victory. Faith.

This time the man. Son. Father. Husband. Brother. Uncle. Nephew. Cousin. Friend

Knows the One who conquered death, hell, and grave. Victory.

Griped with grief. Screams into deafening silence. Barely breathing, our tears fall and our hearts break.

This time our souls cry out to a loving merciful God. Dependence. He is present. He is listening.

This time in This pain we know victory. Assurance.

Victory and peace pursued, captured, and apprehended because Jesus is present This time. Love.

Grace keeps us. Faith sustains us. Love lifts us. Heaven is near. Heaven is felt This time.

This blog is dedicated to my brother, Nelson "Tank" Holloway (1953-2011)

Your body is the temple of the Living God! Live Well in His Name!  


Cassandra said...

Wow! This is so touching...You have inspired me to live well in HIS name! Thanks for sharing and still praying for your comfort, strength and peace...

Aqua said...

Thank you Cassandra. We are here to support you through this journey. Your prayers are felt & appreciated! Agape