Monday, August 15, 2011

Get Back In The Game! 30 Day Challenge Day15 Guest Blogger ~Keda"

Congratulations! We are at the halfway point of our 30 Day Challenge! I encourage you to dig deep and finish strong! You are not alone. He who began the work in you is faithful to complete it! Now that's good news! Can We Talk?!

As we move through this thirty days we have to make sure that we begin thinking about how we are going to maintain and modify our "how to" for the rest of our lives. I hear ya, I only signed up for 30 days...yeah yeah! Certainly if we are doing 2 a days for this thirty days it may be unrealistic to maintain that pace for the rest of our lives. So what will my exercise routine be at the end of this journey? If we are eating vegetarian, unless we convert full time,we probably will want to have some meat once the challenge is over. But what about the benefits of decreasing red meat in our diets? What about that quiet time with the Lord? It's been so fulfilling, but is waking early every morning really on my agenda? Only you can really answer these questions.

The thirty days, 10 pounds, increased energy and stamina, fitting into that inspiration dress, or rekindling of a relationship with the Father are just the beginning. If we don't think about how to maintain what we have started, then this 30 days will have been for nought. One of our community members is thinking about just that, moving forward after the 30 days. We certainly MUST celebrate the small victories, but we have to keep our eyes on the prize. Listen to what Keda offers to encourage us to start thinking beyond the 30 days. Think higher, better, greater, and deeper!

When I was a little girl, my Dad signed me up for the PeeWee Soccer League. We were a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds who had no idea what we were doing, so our games often resembled a swarm of honeybees hovering around a spherical, black and white flower, but our parents seemed to get a kick out of it.

The only game I remember of the season is the one where I magically broke out of the swarm with that black and white treasure and scored a goal. I am convinced that I had never been that excited in my entire 5-year-old life. I jumped up and down waving my arms frantically over my head in victory, scanning the crowd for my family. "Did ya see me? Did ya SEE ME? I scored a GOAL!!!" I'm sure they were excited, but their immediate response to me was, "Good job, but...GET BACK IN THE GAME!" You see, while I was busy rejoicing over my minor victory, my swarm of teammates and competitors had blazed their way to the other side of the field, leaving me behind.

This second week of the 30-Day Challenge has reminded me of my little tale of victory and defeat. I was so mentally occupied with my small victory of fitting into a dress that has hung unworn in my closet for 2 years, that I lost track of the overall goal of eating healthily, exercising to the best of my ability, and spending time with the Father to ensure my physical and spiritual success. Can't you just picture me in my dress, jumping up and down with my hands flailing over my head shouting, "Did you see me, guys? Did you see me?" Well, when you do see me, just tell me, "That's great, but...GET BACK IN THE GAME!!!"

Still Journeying in Christ, Keda"
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Janice Brown said...

Hi Aqua! Thanks so much for the 30 Day Challenge. God is truly doing a work in me through this! I started slowly, but I have found my groove & I know I will continue after this is over. I have lost 3 pounds so far.

Love & blessings,


Aqua said...

Jan that is good news!The 3 pounds and continuing after the 30days. I found my sweet spot too! After experiencing a plateau for many months I feel like I broke through that wall. I needed the challenge just as much as everyone else who participated. Whew! Glory belongs to God! Thank you for stopping in and encouraging us to press forward.