Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Standing Under the Weight of Waiting

Are you in a season of waiting? Or as I know it now to be a season of preparation and transformation. Ever asked yourself or more to the point asked God what is this waiting all about? Can We Talk?! 

When God has us in a season of waiting don't let Satan fool you. Something is happening. God is faithful to complete the work He began in us. Besides the work God is doing to work out the situation for our good, God is also busy at work...working in and on us. Remember the story of Joseph. 

Often, manifestation of the promise is secondary to the work God needs to do in us. Secondary to our spiritual maturity and growth. If God gave us gifts and blessings that we were not spiritually ready to receive we would most likely squander them. Take heart, there is good news in the waiting.

Some promises that we are waiting on the Lord to fulfill will not manifest until we prepare and transform. If we are fighting the preparation and the transformation process, we are prolonging our waiting season and delaying our blessings. As we wait, God will change us and our perspective about the situation. He may even shift our priorities and our needs. Have you ever waited on hold on a telephone call for so long that you forgot who you called? God can also do that in your season of waiting. He can, if we surrender our will to His make the experience of waiting so peaceful that we forget about the waiting and the waiting becomes secondary to the time we spend with Him growing and changing. We might even find that what we so desperately WANTED God to do we no longer NEED God to do. Can I get an "Amen" for unanswered prayers?

Don't be discouraged, but you have to hear this...sometimes we may have to wait on the Lord' s promises to manifest for a long long time. I have been in a season of preparation for 5 years now. I have to admit that the first couple of years were tense and anxious times. I did not want to wait. I wanted God to fulfill the promise He spoke to me. I focused on the waiting which made the waiting miserable. God is productive in our waiting process and we should be productive as well. This revelation makes new seasons of waiting more bearable and more constructive.

What are you DOING while you wait? Just think...God may be preparing that husband or wife, moving obstacles out of your way, raising up ministry partners, creating that job or preparing the hearts and minds of those you might be called to minister to or lead. Are you ready to receive any of these? There is good news in the waiting folks!

Now I wait in still attentiveness for the Lord's will for my life.  I know that He knows what is best for me and He has my best interest in His heart. Yours too is in His heart beloved! As I wait God is developing my patience, humility, and my character. He is deepening my dependence on Him. I really don't think about the waiting like I used to unless someone talks about their own waiting, which is what inspired this blog. Otherwise, I am content in my season, knowing full well that God can and will come through. When He is ready and when I am ready. In the meantime, I am busy doing what He called me to do and preparing to receive the promise.

So we wait in still attentiveness for the Lord to fulfill His promise to us and in us. Be. Still. Know.

Your body is the temple of the Living God! Live Well in His Name!  
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Crystal Monae said...

Love it! Long suffering is fruit.

Aqua said...

Yes indeed!! After you have suffered a little while....thanks for stopping by Crystal! Agape