Saturday, April 16, 2011

News You Can Use

I received a startling, but affirming tweet the other day about a report in Men's Health Magazine. Houston is the 9th fattest city in America and Texas has 5 cites on the list. You may have already heard about this and what? I live in Pearland, LaMarque or League City, not Houston. Can We Talk?!   

What is happening in the world as a result of our uncontrolled appetites and flesh feeding frenzy should be a concern for everyone. It is a concern for this passion project because I know that many of you, your families, friends, and communities are affected by this epidemic. We are eating are ourselves to death! As a society, we are fatter than we have ever been in history. People are dying from weight related health issues, which touches us all and should concern us all.  

Certainly, we have to examine and determine the worthiness of the information before we go out and make changes in our lives based on that information. Examine how (criteria) the information was gathered for the report and determine the actions you need to take for you and your family.

WE already know that we need to live healthier lives. We really don't need the report to tell us that. God has already spoken and I pray that as you are reading this you thinking of new ways to improve on what you are already doing for your the delight of God, I might add!

I wanted to share this with you so that you know that we are on the track and to encourage you to press forward, incorporating more healthy lifestyle changes into your daily routines. Still drinking soda? Give it up! There is no nutritional value in soda. Check out the sugar content of your cola. Not to pick on the soda drinkers...Are you smoking, a fast food junky, or sedentary? Make some changes that can impact the rest of your life and bless generations to come. We will be blessed, our children will be blessed, and our children's children will be blessed if we follow God's leading, choosing Him. That is His promise!

If you haven't gotten started with your health and fitness lifestyle yet or you are having trouble with consistency email me. Remember to send your temple related questions and comments. Let's talk and pray about how to stay faithful to this journey through the power of God. I am passionate and committed to seeing you live your best and blessed life...a healthier life to the glory and honor of God.

Your body is the temple of the Living God! Live Well in His Name!   

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