Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Starting A New Blog

I have been thinking about blogging for several months now. Today I decided to go ahead and begin the process. However, I am asking myself is this yet another dissertation distraction. Either way here I am. I hope that I can use the blog to facilitate writing and thoughts that will lead to more writing and flowing thoughts in my dissertation.

I would also like to use the blog to dialogue about (thus Can We Talk?!) overcoming life's challenges and transforming our lives to what we want them to be, instead of settling for what we have created. I anticipate that I will be doing most of the talking, but that is OK. I am used to that (LOL). I do hope to get followers and get specific questions from my followers about how to change situtations, relationships, careers, and directions in their lives. I am up for it all.

If you become a follower, you must know that any feedback I give you is definately supported by and rooted and grounded in the Word of God. I am a believer, a follower, and a servant of Jesus Christ. He teaches us how to live and love. We cannot change unless we are motivated to change and the power of Jesus Christ is our catalyst and sustains us as we attempt to change. His grace envelopes us when we miss the mark. Oh yes, and sometimes we miss the mark.

That's it for today. Just wanted to give you a glimpse of things I will be blogging about in the short run. God only knows how this blog will evolve as I get closer to full time writing and researching for my dissertation.

Sharing a picture of myself and one of my church member's daughter, Anaya.


Crystal Monae said...

Welcome new blogger! It's tons of fun... cute picture.

}:{ Keda }:{ said...

Looking forward to reading your words of wisdom. Oh...and you just have to let me shoot you - you need an updated pic for your blog, now! See you soon...