Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Am I My Sister’s Keeper?

For the past month or more, I have been preoccupied with the question, Am I My Sister’s Keeper. As I began thinking about the answer to the question, one my co-workers asked me, after I requested some help from her, “Am I my sister’s keeper?” (That made me laugh) Before I go any further, MY answer to the question is as it was to her that day….an unequivocal and resounding, yes! You have to answer the question for yourself. You may be asking…. Why? Why am I my sister’s keeper? I am glad you asked, let’s talk about it.

This blog could easily be gender neutral, but it was specifically focused at women because I think men do a better job of establishing and upholding the “brotherhood” or “band of brothers” than do their counterparts. Women seem to have a tougher time rallying around one another and supporting one another in a way that parallels most men’s support of one another. I think that is because from a young age we learn to be catty and jealous of one another. We view one another as competition.

All of us have experienced the grace, mercy, and favor of God, but some of us have not capitalized on it. Those of us who have tapped into the power using it to better our lives and to heal our families have a responsibility to those who do not yet understand the measure of God’s power to heal, set free, and deliver. We cannot walk around rich with power, blessings overflowing, and watch our sisters (brothers) struggle through life broke, broke down (powerless), and in the same breath talk about God’s goodness. Is that goodness only reserved for us? Why would you not want another sister to experience and bask in that same goodness? Why would you not want to see a sister progress, prosper, grow, or change?

You might say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make them drink. That is true. Certainly, some women do not want to change or do not know enough to know they need to change. We (in the natural) do not have the power, patience, wisdom, knowledge, persistence, and the two major keys love and acceptance to change anyone. God may use us as instruments of change (through our walk, testimony or ministry), but ultimately it is He who brings the change and transforms their lives in a meaningful way. You cannot control or change others. In order for people to change they have to want to change, they have to submit themselves by being teachable, and then they have to put action to what they have learned… Doing what they know, instead of just knowing what they know. Our responsibility in the meantime is prayer and understanding, not judgment and condemnation.

A sister may just need a hand, lift, push, or pull to get her act together. If you are doing well in a certain area of your life or you have mastered a particular life challenge, why not help a sister who is struggling in that area. You will be blessed by the encounter and richer for the experience, especially when you see the transformation manifest in her life.

Am I My Sister’s Keeper? Yes indeed… I am! Are you?


Kellie said...

Aqua, you could not have said this better. That is so true. I don't have a problem with being my sister's keeper...sometimes it's the other way around. Some of my female friends has that problem. In return it's hard for me sometimes to really really enjoy the blessings of God because I don't want them to feel left out. I do think it's unfair and they should celebrate and be happy for me but it's not like that always. So sometimes I have to celebrate alone. Anyways, thank you for your words of wisdom.

Aqua said...

Hey Kellie

You NEVER have to celebrate alone again! Ever! When we get connected to Christ we begin to understand that people are not our enemies. The Word says...We don't war against flesh and blood...Because we understand that we can embrace our sistahs with love and compassion, laughing when they laugh, celebrating the goodness of God and weeping with them, lifting them up in sorrow and disappointment when they weep. When you are victorious, I am victorious because our victory is in Christ Jesus! When you experience success and blessings, I experience your success and your blessings with the same joy and enthusiasm as if they were my own because our Father in Heaven is able to cause us both to succeed, pouring our His blessings and grace on us. Kellie, when you get your breakthrough, I know my breakthrough is on the way! See what you started Kellie! I get so excited talking about God's love for us and how that love transcends and translates to our love for one another. If you need sistahs to celebrate your victories and sistahs who won't be haters when God blesses you, if you need REAL sistahs who will stand beside you through tests and trials...get connected to the Women's Ministry at Hope...come to Sistah Talk, Sistah 2 Sistah, or Sistah, Can We Talk?! We can't wait to see what God does in your life as you draw closer to Him!